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Several Milwaukee businesses announce fundraisers to help those affected by Molson Coors shooting

Posted at 7:04 AM, Feb 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-04 16:56:51-05

MILWAUKEE — Several Milwaukee-area businesses have announced fundraisers to help the families of the five victims killed in Wednesday's deadly shooting at Molson Coors.

Milwaukee police say a gunman opened fire at the facility, killing five workers Wednesday afternoon. The gunman died at the scene of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. A motive is unknown at this time.

In the shooting's wake, Milwaukee businesses are offering a variety of fundraising opportunities for those who want to help the families affected by the tragedy.

At McBob's on North Ave., they decided to give $1 of every MolsonCoors product they sell.

"[The MolsonCoors employees'] parents, grandparents were coming into this pub so we owe that to the community," Steve Schmich, Co-owner of McBob's said. "We owe that to see what we can do for the families."

A few MolsonCoors employees decided to grab lunch at the bar Thursday afternoon. With the offices closed, they had the day off and wanted to do something to support their work family.

"They're dealing with a tragedy now," Kristin Ratliff, a MolsonCoors employee said. "Even if it's something little, coming here, having lunch and having a beer, whatever we can do to help you know?"

It's one of many examples of the generosity seen in the wake of this tragic shooting. It's a silver lining showing how much Milwaukee cares about this 165-year-old brewery that's been strong enough to last the test of time.

"I've been seeing a lot of Miller Strong already," Ratliff said. "That means a lot that everybody wants to support and cares that this happened."

"We bend, but we don't break," Schmich said. "This is a very tight-knit community. When a tragedy happens, we pull together. That's what this community is all about."

At Spitfire's On State, they received over a dozen donations Wednesday to help pay the bar tab for MolsonCoors employees finding sanctuary in the pub just down the road from the brewery.

Thursday, more organized donation efforts continued. Saz's on State decided to donate 100 percent of its proceeds on MolsonCoors products and also purchases of its Saz's Sampler Combo.

"Miller and Milwaukee, they're hand in hand," Curt Kluth, Chief Financial Officer of Saz's Hospitality Group said. "It's such a mainstay. They've been here for over 100 years. All the things they do to give back to the community over the years and now is one time we can give back to them."

Some patrons today didn't purchase a beer or a sampler but they still reached into their pockets to give whatever they could.

"The Miller Brewing Company is just part of the city," Cathy Wenz of St. Francis said. "it's a part of everybody.

In the day and age of online crowdsourcing and online fundraisers, these MolsonCoors benefits are operating like fundraisers of the past. Local businesses putting a bucket out and patrons filling it to the brim with cash.

"When tragedy strikes, Milwaukee is always there," Wenz said. "They've always donated. Every little bar in the city will probably do something or have a cigar box or something out there for the people that it hurts. That lasts a long time."

Here is a list of some of the fundraisers going on at various locations around Milwaukee:

  • McBob's Pub and Grill on W. North Avenue are donating $1 of each MolsonCoors products sold to the families of the victims. The pub will also donate funds from its St. Patrick's Day breakfast.
  • Wisconsin Harley-Davidson on Blue Ribbon Dr. in Oconomowoc is collecting donations for the families affected. They will also be donating $1 of each green Miller Lite beer sold to the families affected.
  • The Heart Revival Center for Belonging is hosting a Mindful Vinyasa at 5:45 p.m. Donations will be collected and donated to families affected.
  • Saz's on State is donating 100 percent of its sales on MolsonCoors products and the Saz's Sampler Combo
  • Spitfire's on State will donate $1 of every green beer and Miller tap from March 14th through St. Patrick's Day.
  • X Golf Brookfield will donate $1 of each Miller product sold to the families of the victims.

If you know of another fundraiser or business helping the families affected by this tragedy, please email

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