Rock County Sheriff's Office release new pictures of Joseph Jakubowski

Pictures shows Jakubowski at Mobil gas station
Posted at 11:42 AM, Apr 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-08 20:03:41-04
ROCK COUNTY - The Rock County Sheriff's Office released a new picture Saturday of 32-year-old gun theft and arson suspect Joseph Jakubowski --a Janesville man considered armed and dangerous. 
“When the information about his threatening conduct came to light, we realized that based on what he was saying, based on some of the steps he’s taken, based on some of the weapons that he’s acquired that he is a significant threat," Rock County Sheriff's Office Commander, Troy Knudson, said. 
"That's why you've probably heard over and over that we consider him to be armed and dangerous," he continued. 


According to police, the newly acquired picture was captured Tuesday, the same day Jakubowski robbed the Armageddon gun shop near US-14 in Janesville. He later set his vehicle on fire just a few miles down the road. All this after appearing in a video previously posted to his social media page.  
“Here we go guys. April 4th, 2017. It’s 5:43," Jakubowski said in the video. 
"See my name, address, all the stamps. Game time," he continued. 
In the video, Jakubowski is seen mailing a letter addressed to President Trump at the White House. Police believe it's the 161-page handwritten manifesto Jakubowski wrote listing his grievances with the government. Law enforcement said they're now using the letter to take a closer look at Jakubowski's state of mind. 
“Obviously, he’s very angry, very upset about some of the political issues that are going on," Commander Knudson said. 
"I think that’s been what’s caused some of his upset and some of his actions with regards to this case," Knudson continued.  
The search for Jakubowski is a collaborative effort between local, state, and federal agencies. Saturday the Rock County Sheriff's Office confirmed additional resources have come in from Chicago, Minneapolis, and St. Paul, Minesstoa. 
The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone with information leading to Jakubowski's arrest. People with information are asked to call a tip line at 1-800-CALLFBI. 
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