Rain has varying effects on area businesses

Posted at 5:11 PM, Apr 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-13 19:50:30-04

The TODAY'S TMJ4 viewing area is expected to see significant rainfall this weekend. 

Dave Michalski, owner of Restoration1 of Greater Milwaukee, said homeowners hoping to avoid a flooded basement should check to make sure their sump pumps are working and plugged in before the rain picks up. 

Michalski said it's a good idea to invest in a battery backup for your sump pump, which will keep it running during a power outage. 

"A good number of the jobs we have are either the sump pump failed or there was no power in the house," Michalski said. 

"It's much cheaper getting a battery backup on your sump pump than it is to pay somebody to come in and clean the water up," he added. 

Michalski said homeowners should also make sure their gutters are clear of debris, and that the down spouts are positioned at least six feet from the house.

Both precautions will ensure rain water continues to flow away from a home's foundation and help prevent flooding. 

He said any homeowners who do experience flooding should make sure to get it cleaned up immediately. 

"Within seven to 11 days you'll have mold, and it's much easier - and much cheaper - to do a water job, which usually your insurance will cover, than a mold job," Michalski said. 

Michalski said his crews could be in for a busy weekend. 

But for other businesses, the rain has the opposite effect. 

Jeff Cain, owner of Concrete Concepts, said he's not able to pour concrete when it's wet outside. 

"If you get rain on the concrete, it'll actually weaken that concrete," Cain said. "The cement to water ratio is all thrown off." 

He said he's waiting for conditions to dry up before he proceeds on any of the jobs his company has on the docket. 

"We've probably got about a dozen jobs now that we're waiting to get going on," Cain said.