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Has Governor Evers held true to his campaign promises?

Posted at 9:04 PM, Nov 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-22 12:44:29-05

These days it's hard to find common ground on issues in Madison.

PolitiFact Wisconsin looks at campaign promises made by Governor Evers and if he has been able to keep those promises.

"Governor Evers said on the campaign trail that he supports universal background checks, limiting access to rapid-fire military-style weapons and banning gun purchases from people on the no-fly list," said Eric Litke with PolitiFact Wisconsin.

Governor Evers did call a special session to address universal background checks and red flag laws.

However, the Republican-controlled legislature gaveled in and out of the special session within a minute - meaning no debate, no votes.

Very little to show here for both sides.

"Evers also has not acted on the latter two elements of that promise related to the no-fly list and the military-style weapons," said Litke.

PolitiFact Wisconsin rated this promise Stalled on the Evers-O-Meter.

"Governor Evers also promised four different programs to address lead poisoning across Wisconsin," said Litke.

Two of the four items did make it into the Governor's budget proposal. They included a loan program and tax revenue options for local governments to address lead problems.

But again Republicans said no. However, on this issue, Ever's has made some progress.

"Wisconsin under Evers has set aside $14 million for lead testing in certain categories of low-income homes," said Litke, "and Evers has also appointed a lead pollution czar to coordinate the state's efforts to combat lead poisoning."

PolitiFact Wisconsin rated this promise In The Works on the Evers-O-Meter.