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Police search for pellet gun shooter, as people in Menomonee Valley remain cautious

Posted at 6:25 PM, Jul 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-19 19:26:04-04

Four teenagers and a dog who were shot by a high-powered pellet gun while walking the Hank Aaron Trail Wednesday evening are recovering from their injuries.  

Their physical scars will likely heal faster than their emotional ones. 

One of the teenagers called 911 in a panic, thinking they had all just been shot by a real gun. Being hit by a high-powered pellet gun can do serious damage and be very painful. All the victims knew was that the shots came from somewhere above them.

Milwaukee Police, the SWAT team and an armored vehicle filled the area for an active-shooter takedown. They shut down the 35th Street Viaduct and searched buildings and rooftops. 

“Obviously our tenants were concerned,” said Nick Gingster, who owns a building on Pierce Street. “We were all concerned about our safety. When we heard it was a pellet gun it brought it down a notch, but that's still a serious, dangerous weapon.”

Some people who live and work nearby told TODAY'S TMJ4 that investigators put extra focus on the roof of a building under construction on Pierce Street. It offers a direct line of sight to the Hank Aaron Trail near Canal Street where the victims were hit. Also, it’s only a block away from the Urban Ecology Center- Menomonee Valley. 

Detectives confirm they recovered the pellet gun, but are still looking for the shooter. 

The Hank Aaron Trail, Three Bridges Park and surrounding neighborhoods were given the all clear for activities Thursday. Still, families, teams and summer programs that utilize the area were being extra cautious.

“We got a call last night from a mom who was concerned about sending her child to camp today,” said camp leader Ed Duncklee. “She was concerned about the neighborhood’s safety.  We tried to ease all fears. We did our due diligence and were in close communication with police.”

“It’s unfortunate right now that we’re living in a time that no matter where you are, there are questions of whether you’re really safe,” said soccer coach, Andreas Davi. “But we can not let idiots win. We have to live normally.”

There were more police patrols in the area Thursday.  Police are not releasing any new details. As far as we know, this was a completely random attack.