No weapons found after lockdown for report of person with a gun at Milwaukee's Pulaski High School

One person taken into custody was later released
Police: Report of person with gun at Pulaski HS
Posted at 9:25 AM, Mar 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-14 18:35:42-04

MILWAUKEE -- Officers took one person into custody and later released them after a report of a subject with a gun at Pulaski High School on Milwaukee's south side, according to police.

It was a scary few hours for students. Milwaukee Police Department responded to the school around 8:20 a.m. after getting a report of a person with a weapon. Soon, police surrounded the building and a part of Oklahoma Avenue was closed.

Chrystal Howard received a text from her 15-year-old daughter and rushed to the high school. Howard saw armed officers and feared the worst. 

“They ran in there with assault rifles and the swat team ran and the whole building is surrounded and we’re just waiting,” said Howard.

Students were placed on lockdown for about three hours as police searched the building. Howard said her daughter texted her saying she was hiding in her classroom.

“They still have her laying down, they got their heads down and they’re hiding in the dark and they got kids just hiding any which way and anywhere they can within the classrooms," Howard said. 

A school district spokesperson told TODAY'S TMJ4 that Milwaukee Public Schools sent out an automated voice message and text alert letting parents know about the lockdown by 10 a.m. The spokesperson said the school was working with police to get accurate information out to parents as soon as possible. They released this statement:

"We are cooperating with Milwaukee police as we investigate a potential situation at Pulaski. This is being done as a precautionary measure. Students are staying in their classrooms at this time. No one has been injured. Everyone is safe. We will update you if there is any further information."

18-year-old senior Abraham Ghani, 18, said no one knew what was really happening at first. 

“The teacher said that there was students with guns in the school,” Ghani said.

“Just sitting there for at least three hours and have no idea what’s going on pretty nerve-wracking,” Ghani also said. 

Milwaukee police said one person was taken into custody but later released. The report about a weapon turned out to be untrue according to the Milwaukee Public School District. Police searched the building as a precaution and didn’t find any weapons.

Because of the lockdown, students couldn’t participate in a walkout Wednesday morning to make a statement against gun violence. 

Dr. Darienne Driver, Superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools, said the district has to take every precaution to keep students and staff safe. 

“It is that sad reminder that we are living in an environment that we have to be on full alert,” said Driver. 

Even though the school was back in session after the lockdown, many parents picked up their children Wednesday morning and took them home. 

School resumes at Pulaski High School Thursday. 

The incident was the latest in a wave of safety-related issues in Wisconsin schools Wednesday. Pewaukee canceled classes due to a threat, and Mukwonago High School canceled its walkout after a threat.