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Parent of Kiel student at center of Title IX investigation speaks out on school bomb threats

Posted at 2:39 PM, May 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-25 15:39:11-04

KIEL (NBC 26) — Rose Rabidoux is speaking out after two days of threats at a school in Kiel.

Rabidoux's son, Braden, is one of three students accused of Title IX sexual harassment for the misuse of pronouns, which police say has prompted threats against the school district.

Rabidoux says her family has received a lot of support outside of the school community, throughout the nation, and even outside of the country. She says Braden gets messages telling him to not back down and stick up for his rights.

But, on the other side, they do not condone the multiple threats that have taken place at the school over the past few days. Rabidoux says this incident has impacted more than just her family, and she's sad for the students that have had to deal with it.


“I just want this dropped," Rabidoux said. "I want them [the school district] to come out and say, clearly mis-pronouning is not sexual harassment, not Title IX sexual harassment, we are dropping these charges, clearing his record, so we can move on with our lives."

Long term, Rabidoux wants the district to change its policies.

"They [the district] need to change what they’re doing and let kids be kids, and not worry about this grownup stuff," Rabidoux said.

Police said this latest threat to the school referenced the ongoing Title IX investigation against three Kiel Middle School students.

As previously reported, the families of three eighth-grade boys claim the students are being investigated for sexual harassment for using the incorrect pronouns to refer to a student who uses they/them pronouns.