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Overnight snow surprises Kenosha County village

Paddock Lake received nine inches of snow
Posted at 3:44 PM, Jan 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-23 18:07:23-05

The small Village of Paddock Lake received one of the highest snow totals in the area overnight at nine inches.

It's the biggest snowfall this season for the village, enough to close schools and keep the handful of snow plow drivers very busy.

While the public works department anticipated the snow, many people who live there woke up to a lot more than they were expecting.

"We woke up and I told my husband 'we got a lot of snow' and he got up and he’s like 'oh man,'" said Brooke Gainer. "He had a hard time getting his truck out of the driveway."

But the heavy snow was a welcome sight to Brooke's son Weston.

"When you get outside you finally get to play," he said.

And he didn't have to go to school.

"Yes, that’s the most funnest part about it," he said.

While Weston took the day off, village snowplow drivers worked overtime.

"All four individuals were out working and we handled the snow and the ice and freezing ice, sleet, we were ready for our residents going to work this morning," said Village of Paddock Lake administrator Tim Popanda.

The only setback in the village of 3,000 people: It was garbage day.

"We have garbage totes out at the end of the road," Popanda said. "It’s like a slalom for our public works staff to plow around garbage cans and recycling cans."

They were able to make a few passes on the 36 miles of roads in the village before people like Brooke even woke up.

"This is as much as I can remember in a long time that we’ve gotten around here," she said.

Kenosha County deputies also had a busy morning, responding to 16 calls for motorists who needed help and nine accidents. Only one involved an injury.