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No longer a 'Farmer's Wife': Women make up more than 30 percent of agricultural owners

Posted at 5:30 AM, Oct 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-19 07:57:35-04

FOX LAKE, Wisc. — If you are having cereal or adding cream to your coffee, it all comes from somewhere.

More than three out of ten times your produce likely came from farm run by a woman.

A dairy farm in Dodge County takes pride in their work. 500 cows live at Fox Lake’s third-generation Trifecta Farms.

Soybeans, corn and wheat are grown on the farm’s 1,200-acre fields, and shipped all over the world.

Katy Schultz takes care of everything on this farm that has a heartbeat.

In order for the milk to make it your homes as safe and clean as possible, it takes a lot of investment in technology by this Dodge County family.

“We try and grow every stitch of feed that we can here, because that's important for us to be able to control our costs,” said Schultz.

Schultz runs the business with her brother and sister.


36 percent of all farmers are women in the United States, according to an agriculture census. Female farmers are no longer called ‘Farmer’s Wives’ anymore. They are called CEOs.

When Schultz looks back at the role her mother and father played, it was always equal. “If you would have asked in the 80s who was the farmer, that would have been my dad. But in reality my mom was hands on, she was out in the field as well as managing all of the financial side of our business," said Schultz.


They say it is easier for female farmers to connect with the biggest spenders in the household: Women.

“For my sister and I, it's easy for us to relate to the working mom, it's easy for us to relate to the busy mom, because that's what we are," said Schultz.


When you are eating breakfast to when it is time to have dinner, the cows on this farm will still be hard at work, providing milk for our families.

Click here to learn more about Trifecta Farms.

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