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Naked man covered in detergent arrested after punching officer

Posted at 8:12 PM, Feb 26, 2018

Police arrested a Cudahy man for punching a police officer and sexually abusing a teenager on Feb. 12. 

According to a criminal complaint, police found Robert Mitchell III, 32, of Cudahy, naked out front of a home throwing snow on his head and flailing his arms. 

As officers arrived, Mitchell reportedly ran back into the residence. Officers then found him inside covered in Tide laundry detergent and in a boxing stance. 

Officers gave Mitchell commands to stand down, to which he did not respond. In the criminal complaint, officers said Mitchell just had a “thousand yard stare.”

An officer tried to use a Taser on Mitchell, but he punched the officer before the charge went off. 

The officers were able to restrain Mitchell and get him in handcuffs. 

A witness in the house said Mitchell began acting strangely around Feb. 7, watching religious TV shows and fasting. The witness also said Mitchell inappropriately touched the teenager in the house the same day he was arrested. 

Mitchell is charged with battery to a law enforcement officer, sexual assault of a child, domestic abuse and resisting arrest. If convicted he faces a maximum penalty of nearly 80 years behind bars.