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MPD remembers Officer Charles Irvine four years after line of duty death

Officer Irvine Roll Call
Posted at 9:55 PM, Jun 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-07 23:17:31-04

MILWAUKEE — Dozens from the Milwaukee Police Department gathered at 76th and Silver Spring Dr. to pay tribute to Officer Charles "Chuckie" Irvine Jr.

Officer Irvine was killed in the line of dutyfour years ago during a police chase for a reckless driver.

"It's a somber, but important day," said District 4 Commanding Officer Captain Jesus Ortiz.

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Each year since Officer Irvine's death, members of the department have gathered for a Roll Call at the scene of the crash.

"Whether we were in another work location when this incident occurred four years ago today, or right here at this location, we all felt it. We all felt that loss. So we come together today to remember that memory of Charles Irvine Jr.," Ortiz said.

As the department remembers Officer Irvine today, also on the department's mind are the two officers injured during a police chase of a reckless driver on Monday night. That chase led to two crash scenes near Capitol and Teutonia. Those officers are now out of the hospital and police arrested a 19-year-old accused of reckless driving after a short foot chase.

Roll call

Bystanders were also injured in that incident.


"Officer safety is always a concern. It never goes away regardless of circumstances," Ortiz said.

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The department's pursuit policy changed five years ago, just a year before Officer Irvine was killed.

Previously, chases could only be used if the occupant of a vehicle was believed to be involved in a violent felony. But after pressure from the community, the policy was changed to allow pursuing suspects like those involved in reckless driving.

MPD remembers Officer Charles Irvine four years after line of duty death

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