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Move-out deadline looms for people living under Marquette Interchange

Posted at 8:03 PM, Oct 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-24 21:03:54-04

MILWAUKEE — People living in tents under the Marquette Interchange in downtown Milwaukee have a week to move out.

Earlier this month the Wisconsin Department of Transportation issued a notice to vacate by October 31.

People who are still living there say it's like a ghost town. They say a lot of people are going to shelters, to family or friends, or moving their tents to somewhere else in the city.

One man says he's lived under the interchange for about two months. He said he was getting picked up today to go live at a shelter a county worker helped him get. He says he's happy to leave, but others he says are not.

"Some of them are staying. Most of them are going, they are going to move their tent somewhere else unless they got somewhere to go," said Eric Schuler.

Officials say 90 people used to live there and to date they've placed about 50 people in some form of housing.

If people living under the interchange do not move by Oct. 31, they could be cited.

Officials say the county's goal is to get everyone into housing by Thursday, and they have space for it for every single person.

"There's about a little less than 40 at this point and we got spots for all of them lined up for next week so hopefully everybody goes inside next week," said James Mathy, the housing division administrator for Milwaukee County's Department of Health and Human Services.

Officials say a lot of the housing is temporary, but there are services that people can connect with to help transition to permanent housing.

Third Space Brewing hosted a fundraiser for Milwaukee County's Housing First Initiative, in which some of the proceeds from sales on Thursday went to funding start-up housing kits for those experiencing homelessness.