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Milwaukee in top 100 targeted cities for robocalls

Posted at 8:26 AM, Nov 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-20 09:37:07-05

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee ranks 77 in the top 100 cities bombarded with robocalls. More than 20 million were sent in the month of October, according to the robocall tracking company YouMail. That is up 11-percent.

Coldwell Banker real estate agent Don Cornelius says he gets spam calls at least three times each day, "Its annoying to stop what I'm doing thinking that it could be a possible business call."

A study published by Consumer Reports' Octavio Blanco and YouMail shows 5.1 billion spam calls were made nationwide last month. That is two calls per second.

"Even if you do not subscribe to the do not call list you may not notice that the number of calls will go down," said Blanco.

Blanco pointed out a bipartisan anti-robocall bill was just introduced to help the FCC go after those not playing by the rules.

"Allow them to increase the amount of money they would be fined to about $30,000 per recurring instance once they've been alerted they should stop," said Blanco, who adds it would also give the FCC three years to take action after a robocall is places, rather than one year.

If you do happen to pick up one of those scam calls, hang up right away and don't say anything. It could help lessen the chance the person on the other line will learn they just called a working number, and won't call back again.