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Michelle Obama and Conan O'Brien surprise a group of students in Milwaukee

Posted at 6:07 PM, Mar 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-14 20:18:24-04

Michelle Obama made a stop in Milwaukee as part of her book tour where she will be speaking at Miller High Life Theater, but before the event the former first lady and moderator Conan O'Brien made a stop at Milwaukee Collegiate Academy to surprise a group of unsuspecting high school juniors.

The group of 14 juniors from across Milwaukee were in shock as the celebrities had a candid conversation about college.

The round table talk was part of Mrs. Obama's Reach Higher Initiative, a program started in 2014 to help students prepare for college and teach them the importance of higher education.

The two opened up about their own struggles with insecurities as students asked them questions about admissions and SAT testing.

"Admissions offices look at all of that," said Mrs. Obama. "They look at the whole student. You don't want to ever cancel yourself because maybe you missed one of those. I didn't let that happened to me and I wound up getting into every school I applied for."

Mrs. Obama reminded the students that they can achieve any goal they set no matter what anyone else thinks or says about them.

"One thing you have to remember is you can't define yourself by other peoples limited expectations of you because people will do that. People will try to put you in boxes that make sense in their head and sometimes young people are the victims of that," she said.

The hope is that the kids will leave inspired to continue to achieve academic excellence.

Along with a round table talk, each of the students received a book along with free tickets to Thursday night's book tour event.