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Humane society helps prepare Sheboygan County hoarding case dogs for adoption

Posted at 4:48 PM, Mar 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-14 20:05:11-04

Thirty-six dogs seized in a 2017 Sheboygan County hoarding case will soon be ready for adoption.

For one year and nine months, it was uncertain if the dogs would be surrendered or forced to return to their original owner. The Wisconsin Humane Society partnered with Sheboygan County Humane Society to care for the dogs and place as many as possible in foster homes.

Sarah Collins fostered one of the dogs, Bailey.

“It was a lot of work at first when she came into our house," said Collins. "She was digging at walls nervous and anxious."

The dogs were found with meager food and little water, living in their own filth in June 2017. The original owner, Christy Tuchel, was found guilty of more than 25 animal abuse charges in October 2018.

Angela Speed is with the Wisconsin Humane Society. She remembers when the dogs were found.

“Every single one of these dogs had not been properly socialized," said Speed. "They were shut down and withdrawn."

Tuchel surrendered the dogs this month as a part of a deal to not have to pay restitution for their care. Now the dogs can be adopted and get any medical procedures they need.

Prior to being surrendered, the humane societies were unable to perform many medical procedures the dogs needed since they were the legal property of Tuchel.

“Every day my daughter would ask 'is she ours, is she ours?' Now I can say yes, she’s going to be ours,” said Collins.

A handful of the dogs will not be adopted by their foster homes, so If you’re interested in adopting you can visit the Wisconsin Humane Society’s website.