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Man dies in car fire on Milwaukee's south side

Posted at 2:32 PM, Jul 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-08 15:49:06-04

MILWAUKEE — One man is dead after a car fire on Milwaukee’s south side.

It happened near 9th and Cleveland Monday morning.

Surveillance video shows fire rigs first arriving to the scene —they responded to a car fire death investigation in what neighbors describe as an otherwise quiet neighborhood.

"[At] about 10 to three this morning, I woke up to an explosion, it was like a bang," one neighbor said.

The woman who spoke didn't want to be identified. She said when she looked out the front window she saw flames and a car on fire —that’s when she dialed 911.

"[When I saw the car burning] I had flashbacks because… a cousin was killed in a rollover and he burnt to death," she said.

An image sent to the TODAY’S TMJ4 newsroom from a viewer shows what appears to be the back end of the car on fire. During the investigation, police found a man dead inside —an unfortunate discovery that has neighbors watching out for each other and their surroundings a bit more closely.

"Yes, yeah we do [look out for each other]," one neighbor said.

"These people at the end of the block are always looking out for each other," another neighbor said.

Police have not yet identified the person inside the car, but they are still investigating.