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Local residents welcome 2020 throughout Milwaukee County

Posted at 6:58 PM, Jan 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-01 19:58:45-05

Local residents rang in the new year in a variety of different ways on Wednesday. At Johnny V's Classic Cafe in West Allis, good food brought many together.

Patrons arrived for breakfast, but stayed for the conversation. Discussing many things in common that they expect from the new year. Several looked forward to getting a fresh start.

"To me it sounds so futuristic, like holy mackerel 2020! That sounds way into the distant future," said John Barrett as he enjoyed breakfast with his wife.

Another customer reminisced on his childhood love for 90s music.

"The 90s was like 5 years ago to me ," said Patrick Velyov.

We found that Velyov is one of many who had a different vision of 2020 growing up as a child.

"Flying cars, jetpacks. I never thought this far ahead but 2020 was just this crazy future," said Velyov.

"I had a very Jetson like a view of it where they had the flying cars," said Barrett.

A dream that many thought would be a reality.

" I would like is a flying car, much easier to get to work," said Mary Pryzbyl as she laughed.

While flying cars haven't arrived yet, there are some twentieth century inventions which people considered unimaginable.

"Who would've even thought that I need a computer in my hand, which is the iPhone now. It's got as much computing power as they used to have in the big rooms when I was younger," said Barrett.

Many tell TODAY'S TMJ4 that their hopes for the new year include; being a better person, new cures for diseases and Wisconsin sports teams to continue winning.