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Local organization strives to help pregnant women in poverty

Posted at 6:35 AM, Jan 23, 2020

The TODAY'S TMJ4 Community Baby Shower is coming up on Friday. Your donations of diapers, formula, or clothes will go to several agencies in Southeast Wisconsin that work with families in need.

One of them is Most Prize Possession Services in Glendale.

Barbara Holt is a mom, helping moms.

From her office on Silver Spring Drive, Holt started Most Prize Possession Services three years ago.

She wanted to help pregnant women in poverty.

In her words, "they need support and Most Prize Possession, definitely gives them that support."

This is a small operation, it's just Holt and her partner, Kelly Coleman.

Together, they see about ten moms a week, for everything from prenatal education to getting them to their doctors appointments. They even talk about goal-setting.

Coleman says "we want them to have the confidence that says you can make it, we believe in you and we will help you get it done."

It's a tough job. They say the moms they're helping right now are as young as 14-years-old and facing deep challenges, as runaways, victims of domestic violence, even human trafficking.

Coleman says the donations of diapers and formula are huge for these moms because "unfortunately, we may go into a home and that's all they have is one pamper."

And that's why donations from the Community Baby Shower are so critical to this small organization.

Last year, the agency received 1,000 baby items.

Holt says "it was so overwhelming, how much love, to make sure that these moms who don't have anything, have a healthy baby and are kept warm through the winter."

Those one thousand items lasted the agency until November and so the timing of this year's TODAY'S TMJ4 Community Baby Shower couldn't be better.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about Most Prize Possession Services, you can call them at (414) 617-7692.

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