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'Like a movie': Man recounts crash that injured nephew, officer, another boy

Posted at 4:46 PM, Jul 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-31 19:00:15-04

MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee Police officer is in serious condition after a chase involving a reckless driver.

The crash ended near 16th and Keefe right across the street from a school.

“It was bad, it was bad,” Vincent Luckett said.

Luckett said he and his family were outside grilling when a violent crash changed the course of their night. His 7-year-old nephew was one of two boys injured when the driver speeding from police collided with another vehicle. That vehicle crashed into a parked car that was forced onto the sidewalk, slamming into the two boys.

“It was like unbelievable," said Luckett. "I was just like stunned at first, and I had to run and grab him."

Luckett's nephew suffered a broken leg and some bumps and bruises, but both he and the 9-year-old will survive. Luckett's nephew was back home just after noon.

In all, six people were injured in Tuesday night’s police chase turned crash.

“(It was) like a movie, it was like it was unreal. It was like it was unreal,” Luckett said.

According to Police Chief Alfonso Morales, officers spotted a “suspicious” car near 15th and Capitol — and they believed it had been part of a robbery. Officers tried to stop it, but the suspect took off.
The chase eventually ended near 16th and Keefe when the suspect crashed.

“It’s pretty sad because people just think they can do whatever they want when they drive a vehicle,” neighbor Matt Thomas said.

One of the responding officers was struck by another squad as it arrived on the scene. Morales called the injuries to the officer serious but non-life threatening. However, Luckett thought the worst had happened.

"They were over there pumping his chest," Luckett said. "They were pumping him saying, 'Stay with me. Stay with me.' Luckily, he came through."

The suspect and his passenger were also injured and taken to the hospital. They’re now in custody.