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'Let me go home': Family of Joel Acevedo says his words can be heard on 911 audio before his death

Posted at 5:48 PM, Dec 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-18 07:59:40-05

MILWAUKEE — The family of Joel Acevedo released 911 audio that they say is their son’s last words before his death. Acevedo died after being put in a chokehold by an off-duty Milwaukee police officer back in April. That officer, Michael Mattioli, is now facing reckless homicide charges.

Mattoili said in court records at there was a fight between himself and Acevedo. Acevedo’s attorneys say that is not true and the 911 audio proves it.

“You heard in reports that Joel was the aggressor. But you also hear Joel clearly gagging and stating, “Let me go home,” said B’Ivory Lamarr, an attorney for the Acevedo family describing the 911 audio.

Protesters demonstrated over the summer outside of the house of Milwaukee Police Officer Michael Mattioli who is charged for the homicide of Joel Acevedo during an off-duty altercation. (File photo)

Lamarr said Mattioli put Joel in a chokehold for 11 minutes in the early morning hours of April 19, and that Acevedo was held against his will.

Joel Acevedo: “Let me go home.”

Operator: “Yes, 911.”

Joel Acevedo: “Let me go home.”

Joel’s family identified his voice on the 911 audio.

In court documents, Mattioli says he was attacked at a party at his home in April. Mattioli is heard on the 911 tape as well.

Michael Mattioli: “I’m a police officer and I need help over at my house.”

However, that’s the only time you hear from Mattioli directly. There is swearing and shouting heard in the background. The attorneys for the Acevedo family say that is when Mattioli is choking Joel.

Prosecutors say that chokehold caused Joel’s death. Mattioli is now charged with first degree reckless homicide, but has pleaded not guilty.

The family says they released the recording in the hopes their son gets justice.

“He did not have no remorse after that fact that he held my son for over 11 minutes in a chokehold. He has no remorse even for today,” said Maribel Acevedo, Joel’s mother.

Mattioli has since resigned from the Milwaukee Police Department.

The Acevedo family is also calling for the body camera footage from the officers on the scene to be released.

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