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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar blasts Aaron Rodgers, said he "damaged professional sports"

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Posted at 10:19 AM, Nov 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-10 06:13:33-05

Milwaukee Bucks all-time great, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar blasted Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers over his failure to get the coronavirus vaccine.

He wrote a long blogpost on his website saying, "Rodgers’ ignorance regarding the science of immunology brings back to life the old stereotype of the big dumb jock. His utter lack of even the most basic knowledge and logic is shocking."

This comes after Aaron Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19. Things got worse for Rodgers after previous interviews of him surfaced saying he was "immunized" but not necessarily vaccinated. Again, people became frustrated with the star quarterback after he went on the Pat McAfee show and said that he was taking COVID advice from popular podcast host, Joe Rogan, who also tested positive for COVID.

"Instead of consulting immunologists, he consulted anti-vaxxer and podcast host Joe Rogan, who also contracted the virus. If he ever requires open-heart surgery will he hand the scalpel to romance writers because they know about matters of the heart?" Abdul-Jabbar wrote.

The former Milwaukee Buck went on to say that Rodger's position as a role model and constantly being in the spotlight means that he has to be held to a higher standard. Abdul-Jabbar said it was irresponsible of him not to get vaccinated, and that it hurt the reputation of all athletes.

"What’s especially bothersome is that Aaron Rodgers didn’t just lie and threaten the health of those around him, he also damaged professional sports."

If cleared to play, Rodgers could return to the field as soon as Nov. 14. The Packers lost on Sunday Nov. 7 and some fans feel as though his absence was the reason for the loss.

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