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Joseph Walker: Racine police are asking for your help to solve a 5-year-old cold case

Posted at 11:30 AM, May 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-31 14:49:51-04

RACINE — Friday marks five years since the murder of a man named Joseph Walker, and Racine Police are still asking for the public's help solving the case.

“I think any time you see a crime like this it’s unusual because that’s just not the way normal society should work," Sgt. Adam Malacara said.

Walker was murdered May 31, 2014, when two men wearing hoodies and masks walked into the American Legion on Douglas Avenue in the city of Racine attempting to rob it. Walker was shot and killed during the robbery.

“The leads we had on the case have been exhausted to the point where we label it a cold case. It lays dormant for a while until new leads come in,” Malacara said.

Though the case is cold, Racine Police are still offering a $5,000 cash reward for any information leading to an arrest and prosecution. The department also notes back in 2014 there was a surge in bar and convenience store robberies, and this could possibly be connected.

“I think any case like this, we hope we can solve it,” Malacara said.

Walker's case is one of eight cold cases in the city of Racine dating to 1987.