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Jimmy Fallon dresses up as young Gene Mueller on The Tonight Show [VIDEO]

Posted at 8:16 AM, Jan 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-05 12:26:51-05

Do "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon and Radio 620 WTMJ host Gene Mueller share some sort of distant common ancestry? Not that we know of, but that didn't stop Fallon from channeling the Milwaukee radio stalwart on his show.

The big moment came in Fallon's "Screengrabs" segment, in which viewers send in amusing internet screenshots. One woman sent in a 37-year-old photo of Mueller next to former Packers player Chester Marcol, saying Fallon looked like Mueller. The late-night host played along, donning a wig, mustache, and microphone for the full effect (jump ahead to 3:40):

The episode itself ran last month, but didn't come to Mueller's attention until this week. As he explains it:

"I was covering the game for WSPT Stevens Point, waiting by the tunnel in the final moments to get locker room access with the rest of the media. The Packers and Bears were tied at 10 with Marcol lined up (facing our tunnel) to try a game winning field goal.

Chicago blocked it, the ball landing in Marcol's arms. He scampered to the end zone for the only TD of his career, one that gave the Pack an unexpected victory. As the players ran up the tunnel, I ended up next to Chester at which point a buddy at the Point Daily Journal just happened to snap a photo, one he sent to me days later. I kept it, lost it, found it again and blogged about it a few years ago, putting it into web play.

Which must be how this woman who told Fallon about it came across it. A friend texted me Thursday night with a screen cap of the late-night moment, asking it that was me in the photo. She then sent the video link. I saw it for the first time this (Friday) morning."