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Jayme Closs case file released nearly a year after she escaped her abductor

Posted at 9:42 PM, Dec 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-20 23:45:06-05

BARRON — The Wisconsin Department of Justice released thousands of new documents and hours of police audio and video Friday from the abduction of the northern Wisconsin teen.

Jake Patterson killed James and Denise Closs and kidnapped their daughter Jayme in October of last year.

The investigative file provides new details we may have learned earlier if Patterson's case went to trial. He pleaded guilty to avoid that from happening. Now, more than 6 months after he was sentenced to life in prison, authorities have released the files to the public.

It all started with a frantic 911 call on October 15, 2018. Jayme's mother called for help as she barricaded herself and Jayme inside their bathroom.

A new dash camera video shows Barron County Sheriff's deputies responding to the home. Deputies passed a maroon vehicle that caught their attention.

"That one car was headed out as we were coming, but they yielded," a deputy said.

Authorities later learned it was Patterson's car with Jayme locked in the trunk.

"The headlights were blocking it, I don't even know if he had a front license plate," a deputy said.

Deputy body camera audio sets the scene as they arrive at the Closs home not knowing what they'd find.

"Sheriff's office! Come out with your hands up. Do it now," said a deputy.

Authorities said the video from the body cameras was too gruesome to release.

"One male down, deceased," said a deputy.

Newly-released pictures show damage to the deadbolted front door. Patterson shot Jayme's father James and broke the door down.


"Door's been breached. We're missing somebody," a deputy said.

Jayme's mother Denise was found dead in the bathroom.

Patterson dragged Jayme from the home and kept the 13-year-old at his Douglas County cabin for 88 days before she escaped.

The new files shed light on her time in captivity.

On one occasion, Patterson told investigators they were watching TV together and there was a news story about her parents being killed. He said he quickly turned channels and apologized for her having to see it.

Documents show Patterson kept Jayme under a bed while he left the cabin on multiple occasions including last Christmas to see his grandparents in Superior.

Patterson said he let Jayme write a letter to her aunt while she was in captivity.

"I felt really guilty, and I wanted to let her at least tell her family that she's okay and alive," Patterson told investigators. That letter was never delivered.