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'It's like in the Batman movies': Cedarburg police to try out new technology to detain suspects

A blank .380 shell that helps propel the tether
Posted at 4:30 AM, Mar 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-04 15:04:46-05

CEDARBURG — Cedarburg police plan to buy into new technology that will wrap suspects like a superhero.

The new technology can detain a suspect without hurting them.

The 8-foot long, Kevlar tether wrap is shot out of a device called the BolaWrap at more than 500 feet per second.

Every police department in Ozaukee County and two officials from Canada came out to try it for themselves this week.

The loud noise comes from a blank .380 shell that helps propel the tether.

"It's kinda crazy its like in the Batman movies you see this stuff you never think its going to be real or happen," said Captain Mike McNerney with Cedarburg police.

McNerney sees the the possibility of using this in various scenarios including stopping someone from trying to harm themselves.

"If someone has a knife and they're harming or in the process of harming themselves the BolaWrap could wrap their arms and stop them," said McNerney.

Otherwise, in that situation, McNerney says he might choose to use a taser.

McNerney says Cedarburg police will likely buy BolaWrap soon.

"I think were going to end up getting one or two on the road," said McNerney.

This device is not for emergency calls that have a suspect with a gun. It is supposed to be used to help de-escalate a situation before it ever gets to that point, in close range.

The BolaWrap costs about $1,000 each. It is sold to law enforcement only. Click here to learn more.

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