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Insanely colorful and decorated condo for sale in Waukesha

Posted at 6:29 PM, Oct 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-28 19:29:08-04

WAUKESHA — One of the most uniquely decorated condos is on the market in Waukesha. The owner describes it as his tree house. It also looks like a cross between a Dr. Seuss book and a Van Gogh painting. The owner, who is also an artist, took two and a half years to paint the house. For as colorful and outrageous the design is, the owner feels like it's still missing something.

"Actually there was many moments where I wasn’t sure I wasn't doing enough," Jeff Seymour said.


Seymour is an artist and real estate developer in Waukesha. He built the entire complex at 234 Brook St., and he made apartment number 3 into his own personal art space.

"I created the kind of space that you kind of dream of when you’re a kid or maybe you're lucky enough to have it when your a kid. The cool tree house where your friends want to come over and have fun," Seymour said.
Now he is selling his condo for $399,900. It has three stories, two beds, two baths, a downstairs office/retail space, garage, two decks, and is roughly 2,100 square feet.


The condo is covered in floor to ceiling flowers. Seymour estimates he used at least 70 different shades of color and 20 unique types of cabinets. There are mosaic tiled steps leading up to a raised bathroom with a view of a stained glass window and the sky.

The same image is on the opposite side of the stained glass window too. It's an image inspired by Adam and Eve. However, in Seymour's rendition, Adam is reaching for two giant martini olives. It tends to be the piece of art most talked about in his condo. You can see why for yourself.


Seymour knows that it's not the easiest place to sell. However, he believes that with enough patience the right person will come along.

"I think it's totally family friendly, and it's likely to attract maybe young professionals."

The complex at 234 Brook St. features both condos and businesses. Seymour developed it because he wanted to make sure there were spaces for artists to live in downtown Waukesha. In fact, he lived in the condo since 2006. Now he is moving, because he feels like it is time for someone else to enjoy the space he created.

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