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'I need my granddaughter back': Grandpa of missing 2-year-old begs for her return

Posted at 9:45 PM, Mar 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-13 11:32:08-04

MILWAUKEE — It has been 24 hours since an Amber Alert went out for Noelani Robinson, 2, and there is no sign of her. Her grandfather is now begging for her return.

"It's just minute by minute," said grandfather Hank Robinson.

Every second Noelani Robinson is missing it feels like a lifetime to her grandfather.

According to Robinson, his daughter Sierra Robinson and granddaughter Noelani were living in Kansas City. He said Sierra was trying to rebuild her life.

Robinson said the suspect and father of Noelani, Dariaz Higgins, had never met Noelani. But back in January, Higgins convinced Sierra to bring Noelani to Milwaukee for a visit.

"Sierra's mission was to leave here and connect with the child's father to give him an opportunity and his children," said Robinson.

Court records say Sierra went with a friend to meet Higgins and get her daughter back. The pair were in the car with Higgins when they stopped at an apartment at 91st and Mill Rd. He told Sierra that Noelani was inside, then as Sierra and her friend walked to the door, Higgins shot them multiple times.

"My message for him is surface," said Robinson. "Tell your side of the story."

Robinson is pleading with Higgins to drop his granddaughter off somewhere safe.

"I need my grand-baby back," he said. "I need my daughter too but at least my granddaughter."

Milwaukee Police said right now they do not know where Higgins is heading or if he even has Noelani with him. They are asking the public to share the Amber Alert on social media and be on the lookout for both them.