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'I got the snowblower ready, the shovels in hand:' Residents and crews prep for weekend winter storm

Posted at 6:29 PM, Jan 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-10 19:29:06-05

MILWAUKEE — This weekend's snow will be hitting in bursts, with the heaviest being Saturday afternoon.

City crews were out treating roads with salt brine Friday hours before the storm's arrival.

"Everyone is talking about the storm that we’re about to get," said Latoya Britton, a cashier at the city's downtown Metro Market.

Shoppers hit the grocery store early Friday beating the mad dash.

"Business this morning has already been a little crazier than normal," Anthony Kuchinsky, Metro Market store director metro market.

"I got the snowblower ready, the shovels in hand," said shopper Henry Polk.

"I have to get my boots out and get my ice scraper in the car make sure that we’re all set," said Mo Michaels. She and her husband rearranged their plans so they could spend Saturday at home.

Some like Autum Bentley were anxious about what the storm will bring.

"A lot of accidents happen when it snows that’s why people are scared. I’m staying in the house," said Bentley.

Milwaukee city leaders say crews are already working on the streets.

"The storm looks to be severe, so relax stay home don’t travel if you don’t have to. This is a good time to stay home and get ready for the Packer game on Sunday," said Mayor Tom Barrett.

"The fewer cars that our plows have to contend with the quicker they can clear snow and ice from the roadways," Barrett added.

DPW says they have a full staff ready to go. Drivers already put down brine, and snowplow drivers are gearing up for what may be a long weekend on the road.

"Quite possible that we’ll be calling for a snow emergency. As the mayor indicated one of the biggest things that will help us in our operations is if the public is parking appropriately on the street," said Jeff Polenske, Commission of Public Works.

As more city trucks and plows hit the roads drivers are reminded to keep a safe distance.

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