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'I feel bad': Stephen Colbert apologizes for 'Virtual Milwaukee' video

Posted at 10:43 AM, Aug 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-26 12:56:49-04

MILWAUKEE — Stephen Colbert apologized Tuesday night for his Virtual Milwaukee video that bashed the city and all it has to offer.

On Tuesday, Aug. 18, Colbert shared a video on social media called "Virtual Milwaukee" that appeared to be taking a dig at the city and its unconventional DNC.

However, after it's release, many Milwaukeeans shared their disappointment with the video. Some news outlets, including TMJ4 News, even shared stories about the video and its negative connotations.

Now, a week later, Colbert has taken notice of the negative response and has issued an apology.

Colbert acknowledged the massive loss that Milwaukee has seen due to the lack of visitors and income from the DNC, as well as the sites and historic landmarks that Milwaukee has to offer.

"I feel bad. The city lost valuable revenue when the DNC canceled. They were expected to bring all of that into Milwaukee but they lost it through no fault of their own," said Colbert.

Colbert then issued an apology when he said, "I would like to address the city of Milwaukee in the official language of the midwest. The polite apology."

Colbert then removed his glasses, looked dead into the camera, and said, "Hey Milwaukee, um, I am really sorry."

From there, Colbert placed the blame for the video on one of his writers, who happens to be from Wisconsin.

"This was the fault of one of my writers who, and this is true, is from Wisconsin. He's probably just jealous of Milwaukee. He's from Madison," said Colbert.

In the initial Virtual Milwaukee video, Colbert spoke about "historic" sites in and around Milwaukee. Now, you'd think he pointed out places like the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Historic Third Ward. But no. Colbert acknowledged the abandoned factory and mall instead.

However, that has since been corrected. Colbert spoke about the Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee Public Museum, and the Harley Davidson Museum.

Also in the initial video, Colbert mentioned the Milwaukee Brewers. That comment ended up getting him a response from the Brewers and an invite to a game.

Colbert has now accepted that invitation saying, "That's how nice Milwaukeeans are. You insult them and they invite you to a baseball game. Well, you're on Brewers! I would love to join you at Miller Park once it's safe. My only condition, I insist I get to run in one of your sausage races."

The Brewers then responded to Colbert saying he is welcome anytime. They even included a photo of the racing sausages with signs that read "We can't wait to meat you."

So that's it. All has been forgiven, Colbert. Come see us anytime.

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