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Humvees, mammoth tusks, and the most unbelievable home for sale in New Berlin

Posted at 10:39 PM, Feb 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-24 23:39:49-05

NEW BERLIN — One of the most unique homes you will ever see is hiding down a snowy private road in New Berlin. When you first arrive, you’re greeted by not one, not two, not three, but more than a dozen military vehicles.

“A rare slant back humvee that has actually been in battle. These have been in Iraq and Afghanistan," Robert Reinek said as he leaned up against one of his trucks.

Robert Reinek said a humvee in this condition could sell for $20,000.

He is a collector of all things interesting. He is selling these trucks and humvees as he plans to move to Arizona. Those in poor condition will sell for about $20,000, but the ones in good condition could be at least $40,000 he said.

These trucks were going to be junked by the United State government, but Reinek got the rare opportunity to buy them in bulk.

That’s not the only wild item he has for sale. His home, an eco-friendly tropical-themed 17-acre home with a spring fed pond outside, koi pond inside, and an indoor pool is also for sale for 1.2 million.

“It was originally designed for growing our food in."

There is a now filled-in little creek that fed into a small indoor pond where Tilapia were raised. Now, it's a koi pond. The price has actually dropped from 1.75 million to 1.2 million since TMJ4first covered this house in 2021. He’s also selling other artifacts inside his home too.

Crazy New Berlin HOme
This picture was taken from the second-floor of Reinek's home. This is a view of the living room.

“Some actual fur from the a wooly mammoth found in the permafrost.”

But the big ticket item are two woolly mammoth tusks.

“They’re for sale for $100,000.”

To be clear, we have no reason to doubt these are real; however, we don’t have specific documentation verifying authenticity. Regardless, it’s absolutely incredible. You don’t come across woolly mammoth tusks, military vehicles, or even a house like this very often. Interested in any of these items? Contact him by call or text at (262) 352-4467.

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