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Tropical-themed New Berlin home with private lake and indoor pool for sale

Posted at 7:03 PM, Mar 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-08 20:03:05-05

NEW BERLIN — Tucked away in a New Berlin neighborhood is a tropical escape. Once you are inside this home, you'd never believe you are in Wisconsin. It has a private lake, indoor pool, indoor koi pond, and more plants than a garden supplies store. The best part: it's a home, and it's currently for sale for $1,750,000.


The house has six bedrooms and six baths. It's 5,254 square feet. It's about 17 acres of fenced-off property. The lake is about three and a half acres with plenty of fish inside. Finally, it has a long private driveway to add even more seclusion.


The living room is packed with plants. Some are small, some reach halfway to the ceiling. The sound of mini waterfalls permeates through the room. There's even a koi pond with several fish swimming around in it. Plus, another small pond sits opposite the koi.


It's not a site you are used to seeing, with green and healthy plants growing during the winter. However, the extra-large windows allow for ample sunlight to get through.

A small bridge connects two different parts of the living room. The walls are made of a pale stone that mimics the look of a large cliffside.

Numerous pieces of wood, historical artifacts, and animal skulls are carefully placed in the room to add to the tropical/jungle ambiance.


From the tropics to the wetlands - or in other words - from the living room to the kitchen.

The kitchen has an equally unique albeit still nature theme.


"Every single door in the house has cattails or a butterfly or a fish or frogs or something that ties back to the three and a half acre private lake," Sophia Barry, the listing Realtor said.

All the kitchen chairs are hand-carved. Wooden cattails extend from the bottom of the chair to the top. Butterflies are the backrest. Kissing frogs connect the bottom. Wood dragonflies act as a footrest. As you can tell, it's all meticulously planned and orchestrated.


All the kitchen walls are made to resemble the flora and fauna one would find in a Wisconsin wetland. It covers the cabinets, drawers, and walls.


Throughout the house are dozens of international historical artifacts, pieces of art, and various-sized statues that are hundreds of years old, according to the estate's Realtor. Normally things like that and the furniture would be all for show. However, in this case, if the buyer likes what they see, they can purchase the home as-is.

"(The seller is) flexible on that. He can either offer the property almost turn-key or completely empty," Barry said.

That means almost everything inside the house art-wise can stay. So many modifications have been made to the house it almost seems reasonable that whoever does end up buying the home, keeps the original decorations.

This includes Buddha statues, a pair of moccasins, tribal masks from various cultures, old arrowheads, and so much more.

If all the decor staying wasn't enticing enough, the owner is also throwing in a military transport truck called a Pinzgauer out of his own collection.


The bathrooms feature lily pad tiles and more wetland 3D wood carvings along the walls. Each of the six sinks is different from the rest. Some continue the koi fish theme while others are neatly painted. Each door in the bathrooms has more wetland art.

Even the light switches have custom frames with wooden salamanders next to each switch.

In one room, a mock cave painting rests above the bed. More statues, fossils, and bones are also placed throughout the same room.



The day this story was filmed and published, the Realtor showed the house to a local prospective buyer. She will also be showing the house to a Japanese couple who is specifically coming to New Berlin to look at this house.

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