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How Wisconsin's representatives voted in impeachment of President Trump

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Posted at 4:10 PM, Jan 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-13 22:49:33-05

WASHINGTON — All eight of Wisconsin's representatives in Congress voted along party lines in the House's impeachment of President Donald Trump.

The state's five Republican representatives voted against impeachment, while the three Democratic representatives voted for impeachment.

The House voted 232 to 197 to impeach Trump for inciting violent insurrection against the U.S. government Wednesday. Ten Republican members of Congress joined Democrats. But no defections occurred among Wisconsin's representatives in federal government.

The vote appears to be ceremonial. Senators are unlikely to sit in a trial before Jan. 20, when Joe Biden becomes president.

Wisconsin representatives released the following statements regarding their votes:

Rep. Gwen Moore (D):

“One week ago today, a violent mob of domestic terrorists sought to overthrow the government and subvert the will of the people in the 2020 election while our country watched in horror at what unfolded.

Shamefully, Trump fermented the anger and lies that fueled the siege at the U.S. Capitol by spreading maliciously false allegations about the outcome of the elections for months, which culminated in him telling a rally in front of the White House right before the mob moved on the Capitol that they would need to “fight much harder.” He is not above responsibility for his words and actions.

Nothing can bring back the people who lost their lives that day, as a result of the attempted insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. The damage has been done and we have a duty to prevent any further damage. This moment demands that we act decisively with the urgency of now. Seven days is too long for Trump to remain in power.

Today, the House took action to protect our country from a President actively working to overthrow our democratic institutions. It is with a serious sense of duty to the American people that I vote in support of the impeachment of President Trump.”

Rep. Bryan Steil (R):

“I voted against impeaching President Trump. This impeachment vote not only sets a horrible precedent for future administrations, but it further divides the country. Speaker Pelosi’s sham process included no hearings, no investigation, no witness testimony, and no due process. Despite all other challenges facing our country, like vaccine allocation and distribution, we are spending time on a divisive impeachment one week before the inauguration of the next president. When Congress uses its constitutional powers for political expediency, no one wins."

Rep. Ron Kind (D):

Rep. Mark Pocan (D):

Glenn Grothman (R):
“Today, I voted against an intemperate attempt to impeach President Donald Trump,” said Grothman. “Once again, House Democrats, many of whom are my friends, took to the House floor to claim that the riots in Washington, DC, last week were explicitly caused by President Trump. Some of the rhetoric they point to was typical political hyperbole and nothing that I have ever seen cause a riot.

“One thing that amazed me was the degree to which House Democrats do not realize why President Trump is so popular. Only he stepped up and dealt with the crisis at the border when so many other politicians did nothing. Only he stepped up and fought to bring our manufacturing jobs back from China after others watched them leave. And he has been a leading voice against ‘cancel culture,’ where billionaire technology company CEOs feel they have the right to say who is protected by the first amendment.

“I was particularly disappointed that several people on the Democratic side of the aisle attributed racism to the Trump phenomenon. I know many people in my district who support and contribute to President Trump and know none of them to be racists.

“Hopefully now that today’s vote is finished, Congress can get on to dealing with the important issues of the day, including fighting ‘cancel culture,’ ending the COVID-19 outbreak, improving our broken health care system and securing our borders.”

Rep. Scott Fitzgerald (R):
“It is ridiculous and irresponsible for Speaker Pelosi to rush an impeachment through the House of Representatives without the results of an investigation or substantive congressional debate on the issue. If the Speaker was truly interested in healing the divisions in our country, then she would not be calling for this drastic and unprecedented action. The Speaker has turned this process into political theater that will not help the nation move forward. The American people deserve better.”

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