Homicide numbers closely mirror last year's total

Homicide numbers close to last year's total
Posted at 7:35 PM, Dec 30, 2016

MILWAUKEE -- It's been a sad and tragic year in the city of Milwaukee. Gun violence has plagued communities, resulting in nearly as many homicides as there were last year.

"There's close to 200 homicides in the city [this year] and it seems like the problem's getting worse," Pastor Lee Shaw said.

From victim Sylville Smith, shot and killed by an officer in August resulting in community uproar; to 15-year-old Melanie Johnson, killed inside her home just two weeks ago, Qualaundra Carr said she's had enough of this year's violence.

"So many people are afraid, myself included," Carr said. 

"[We're] afraid to come in your house at night, afraid to leave your house at night. I'm afraid to go to the filler station," she continued.

Carr is still trying to process her own loss. Her son, Quamari Carr, was shot in killed on the city's north side in October. And Monday, the day after Christmas, Carr's cousin, Deandre Allen, was shot and killed too.

"I don't think that I'm really dealing with it, I think that I'm just covering the pain because it's so unbearable," Carr said.

According to the Milwaukee Police Department, as of Tuesday December 27th, there are 141 homicide victims this year. That's just four deaths shy of last year's total of 145.