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'He was trying to kill me.' Woman shares terrifying encounter with armed robbery suspects

Posted at 12:44 PM, Aug 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-21 17:28:13-04

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Police are looking for two people who terrorized a south side neighborhood overnight.

"He was trying to kill me. The way he was pounding my head into the concrete, he was trying to kill me,” said Amber Smith, a victim of one of the armed robberies.

Smith was dragged, beaten, and is now concussed with a chipped tooth and stitches along her brow — she said what happened to her and her mother was more than a robbery, it was an attempted murder.

"It was attempted murder. They need to be prosecuted for attempted murder," Smith said.

Just after 2 a.m. near 3rd and Mineral when returning home from a grocery store run, Smith and her mom, Barbara Pond, got out of the car and were approached by two masked men.

The women were shopping for ingredients. They own Maxx's Munchery and sell organic homemade dog treats. They anticipated selling the treats at an event in Pewaukee on Wednesday, but after being robbed, they likely won't attend.

"These two idiots came screaming from across the street with their guns, wailing 'Give me your car, give me your keys, give me your keys, give me your keys,' and I was startled at first, then I dropped the bags," Pond said.

Pond may have been startled, but she refused to turn anything over without a fight.

"He said, ' I’ll kill you dead *****.' I went, ‘Shoot me,' " Pond said.

When Smith noticed one of the men running away with her purse, she jumped in, and that's when she was attacked.

"After him hitting me so many times in the head, I felt him pull me up and he kept still trying to grab the purse and I didn't have anything left so he got the purse, but he didn’t get the keys," Smith said.

Police said the two men are likely responsible for three other robberies in the area overnight.