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Police investigating multiple armed robberies on Milwaukee's south side

Posted at 7:54 AM, Aug 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-21 08:54:52-04

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Police are investigating four armed robberies on the city's south side which they say happened within 5 minutes of each other.

Police say they believe the same two men are involved in all four robberies.

At 3rd and Mineral, police say two people were getting out of their car when two suspects went up to them demanding valuables. One victim refused and was hit with some sort of object, and taken to the hospital.

Another robbery happened near Maple and Muskego. We're told two people went up to someone in their taxi and demanded money. Both suspects were carrying guns, but no one was hurt.

At 26th and National, the same thing happened. Two people walked up to someone in their car and demanded anything valuable. No one was hurt.

And at 6th and Grant, two people were walking when they were approached by two people, once again demanding valuables. No one was hurt.

We're working to learn if there were any other robberies took place in any other police districts.