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Grieving grandmother pleads for Noelani Robinson's safe return

Posted at 6:08 PM, Mar 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-15 14:30:10-04

As officials are searching for Dariaz Higgins and Noelani Robinson, Latosha Bryant, the 2-year-old's grandmother, describes Noelani as a happy girl, always smiling and friendly.

“She is just filled with so much joy,” said Bryant.

She said every moment the two are separated breaks her heart. For Latosha, the pain of losing her daughter and searching for her granddaughter is unbearable.

“All I want him to do is just tell me where my baby is so we can just get her. That’s it,” said Bryant.

Latosha said her daughter, Sierra, lived with her in Oklahoma City from 2017 until last May. Sierra then moved around from Kansas City to Las Vegas to be with other family. Latosha said Sierra wanted Noelani to have a relationship with Higgins, but she had reservations.

“She said, 'Mom, he wants me to come out there,' and I said no I got a bad feeling about this baby,” said Bryant.

The grieving mother said her daughter was a beautiful person, who lived life to the fullest but most of all, she loved her daughter more than anything.

“They just had that bond. That bond,” said Bryant.

“All I want him to do is just tell me where my baby is so we can just get her. That’s it.” — Latosha Bryant, Noelani Robinson's grandmother

One of her favorite memories was when her daughter was pregnant and she danced around, happy in a Cookie Monster outfit. It's those little moments that Latosha will cherish forever.

“The love that she had for everybody. She brightened your day, and she brightened everybody’s day. You could be the maddest person and she would say the craziest thing and be like you know what, I needed that. I needed that laugh,” said Bryant.

Latosha is pleading with Higgins to drop Noelani at a safe location.

“Just, please, you already took my baby. You already took her. You already took my little girl, just give me back my grandbaby,” said Bryant.

Higgins was last seen in a black or dark blue SUV. Anyone with information should call 911.