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Grebe's Bakery creates equal employment opportunities for everyone with partnership

Posted at 7:49 AM, Feb 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-12 09:37:34-05

Grebe's Bakery and the Milwaukee Center For Independence have partnered together to help people of all abilities have an opportunity to work and earn an income.

MCFI is an organization that helps people with disabilities find employment throughout the community.

"We help each other to find the abilities and the wonderful assets that the employees have," said Heidi Chada, vice president of employment services. "So, it not only contributes to the bottom line of the organization they are being hired at, but also to that person's life, to feel fulfilled."

The bakery and the non-profit started working together in 2018. Grebes initially hired four MCFI clients, and now they are up to eight. Executive Vice President of Grebes Bakery Colton Grebe says it's a win-win scenario.

"This is one of the best things Grebe's Bakery has done in years," said Grebe. "Labor is very tough and it's very hard to compete in certain markets and one way we feel we have a competitive advantage in our labor market is because people with disabilities are really good at certain things that a lot of businesses are lacking."

Employees Andrea and Alyssa are both MCFI clients. They both work on baking and packaging items. Andrea said she loves her position and the people who work at Grebes.

"It keeps me busy," she said.

Grebe says the employees have exceeded expectations and are excelling in their positions.

"We are challenging them with more and more products, and seeing their smiles being challenged it's one of the most wonderful things as a business owner to see."

Grebe hopes other businesses will consider working with MCFI in the future, so they too, can see the amazing abilities the dedicated employees possess.

On Fat Tuesday, Grebe's Bakery is making a special paczki with the theme that anyone is capable of anything, and we are all sweet on the inside. The paczki will be made by the eight MCFI clients, and proceeds will go back to the program for more training.

Fat Tuesday is Feb. 25.

For more information on the Milwaukee Center for Independence, click here.

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