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Good Samaritan saves woman from scary situation at Target

Posted at 6:56 PM, Apr 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-18 19:56:00-04

WAUKESHA — A local woman has expressed her thanks to a good Samaritan who noticed her silent cry for help.

According to a Waukesha Police call, around 7:15 p.m. Wednesday a woman was being followed by a man throughout the Target store on W. Sunset Dr.

A mother walking with her daughter toward the store noticed the man following the victim closely and said the woman mouthed the word "help."

That was when the mother pretended to be friends with the woman and guided her back to her car. After the good Samaritan's actions the man walked back into the store.

The victim told the mother that the man followed her through the store telling her how beautiful she was. According to the call, the mother watched as the victim got into her own car and drove away.

"It’s not surprising at all to hear about things like this happening," said Malissa Misch, managing member at MK Protection Strategies.

MK Protection Strategies teaches a variety of self defense tools. Mish said at the start awareness is critical. She added that even in a familiar place you should never let your guard down.

"Forget everything that you’ve been taught about being courteous and polite," she said. "If you feel like you could be in a threatening situation, get out of that situation as soon as you possibly can."

Misch advises to trust your intuition and speak up for your safety.

Personally, Misch would acknowledge a person who made her uncomfortable by saying, "Hi. How are you?"

"If you do not have the confidence to speak up and say 'hello,' I would recommend you go and try to find a manager in the store or someone you can express your concern to," said Misch.

Waukesha Police reported they made a stop at the store but did not find anyone. It was not clear if staff at the store were aware of the situation, or if there was surveillance video of the incident.