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'Forget the doubters': Michelle Obama speaks to sold-out crowd in Milwaukee

Posted at 10:00 PM, Mar 14, 2019

MILWAUKEE — Former first lady Michelle Obama came to Milwaukee to speak to a sold-out crowd. She came just days after the Democratic National Convention announced it picked the city to play host next summer, but her message was not political.

She spoke to children about not giving up on their dreams.

“The key in success is not failing, it’s the resilience," she said. "We talked about it with the kids today. The people who are successful are the people who don’t shrivel under the harsh criticism of others."

Earlier Thursday, Obama surprised some Milwaukee high school juniors to talk about their college hopes.

This evening, she spoke to a full house at the Miller High Life Theater. Some women said they came because they say they feel a connection to her.

“She’s real and she reminds me of other people that I know," said Christina Orr, Milwaukee. "It’s not like she grew up in a fancy neighborhood."

“For women from the Midwest, for black women in particular, her story has definitely impacted me,” said Camesha Muller.

Muller, a Milwaukee mom, brought her two daughters with her. She said it’s important for her children to hear Michelle Obama speak about not being defined by anyone’s limits.

“Her just overall empowerment of women and that importance is really, really what is important to me. And I am really excited for them to hear that message,” said Muller.

“Forget the doubters and go back to the hard work," said Obama. "Be a kind, decent person and just get the job done and let that speak for you."

Obama will be back in Milwaukee next year to give a keynote speech during the DNC.