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Final owl that escaped Baraboo zoo after break-in captured, returned safely

Linda the owl is now back at the zoo
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Posted at 9:53 PM, Jun 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-28 22:53:42-04

BARABOO, Wis. — Linda the Great Horned Owl has safely been captured and returned to the Oschsner Park Zoo in Baraboo on Tuesday after a break-in earlier this month.

Zoo officials say Linda will undergo a full vet exam. A zoo intern was able to capture the owl, along with the help of police, in a garden on 9th Street near the zoo.

Jerry the owl was safely returned Friday, June 10. He was lost for three days and found about four miles outside of Baraboo. Jerry had two fractures in his wing. The zoo previously said one wing would likely heal in time, but the other was more serious and will require a few weeks of therapy. It may not be able to heal entirely. Jerry is covering at an isolated area of the zoo.


Mitch and Moe, the zoo's two river otters, were also missing earlier this month but safely found and returned. Thankfully, two kayakers spotted the otters in a nearby park.

The Baraboo Police Department says someone cut the locks on their habitats, as well as other zoo habitats earlier this month. Police say there's evidence whoever did this also tried to let the monkeys and bears escape.

Ochsner Park Zoo is a free community zoo in Baraboo.

"Thanks for all your calls and help in locating Linda and Jerry and reuniting all our animals at the zoo," Baraboo Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department said on FacebookTuesday evening. "Special thanks to the Baraboo Police Department and our zoo staff for the extra time and efforts in safely getting our animals back home."

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