Family of Demetrious Lowe wants officers fired, MPD officers retrained

Posted: 9:49 PM, May 04, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-05 00:49:18-04

MILWAUKEE -- The family of a man beaten and tased by Milwaukee Police said they want to see immediate changes within the department.

Demetrious Lowe, 25, is currently in the hospital, after a violent encounter with officers near 51st and Capitol Dr.

"He has had reconstructive surgery on his face," said his aunt Frana Lowe. "He has multiple contusions on his face. He has broken ribs. He has a shoulder that has to be surgically repaired."

His family joined others Friday night at 51st and Capitol Dr., where the incident happened, to protest police brutality and demand officers be retrained with people in a mental health crisis.

Milwaukee Police were called out Wednesday evening after Lowe's girlfriend dialed 911, saying he was being violent, and had possibly been drugged. 

Body camera video from officers showed the initial encounter.

"Get on the ground now," shouted an unidentified officer.

Instead, Lowe punched one of the officers and ran off. They chased. He later punched another officer. At one point in the video, Lowe started to yell his own name. 

"I am Demetrius," shouts Lowe repeatedly.

His family said he was suffering from mental health issues.

"He wasn't in his right mind. Clearly, you can see that from the video," said his cousin Shanikqua Stokes.

Witness cell phone video captured the rest of the altercation which included several officers on top of Lowe punching, kicking and tasing him.

"They took it upon themselves to beat him after he was already down," said Frana Lowe.

"We're upset, we're tired, we're frustrated and we want all those cops fired," said Stokes.

The family said they plan to file a lawsuit against the Milwaukee Police Department.