Videos offer different perspectives of controversial Milwaukee Police arrest

MPD investigating arrest of 25-year-old man
Posted at 5:25 PM, May 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-04 22:45:14-04

MILWAUKEE -- The investigation continues into the violent arrest of a 25-year-old Milwaukee man by several police officers. But what can the video tell us?

Body cam video provided by the Milwaukee Police Department shows the moment when officers first encountered Demetrious Lowe Wednesday evening near 51st and Capitol Drive. 

Officers are heard ordering Lowe to lay on the ground during the 91-second video. He did not comply and punched one of the officers before running away. 

Shortly afterward, Lowe can be seen repeatedly punching an officer until he falls to the ground. 

Lowe ran again, ignoring officers commands and appeared agitated as officer circled him. An officer can be heard requesting a taser. 

A cell phone video posted on Youtube by Galaxy Click TV shows some of the same interactions from a different vantage point.

WARNING: Strong Language

An officer with a bloody face, is seen ordering Lowe to get on the ground. As Lowe continues to walk toward him, he turns to confront other officers, and you can see that Lowe's face is also bleeding, and he's yelling his own name.



Officers strike Lowe in the legs with a baton, spray him with pepper spray and use a Taser.

Lowe also runs toward an officer and throws a punch. A fight ensues as he falls to the ground.

This viewpoint and other witness cell phone videos recorded at the scene don't capture the initial interaction but shows the end — several officers punching and kicking Lowe while on top of him. 

Carries on for several minutes, with more officers arriving at the scene. 

That’s what Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales indicates is the focus of the internal investigation. 

One officer is on paid suspension, another three are on administrative duty. 

Lowe’s family says he’s in “very bad shape” in the hospital, and police confirm he will undergo a mental evaluation. 

His girlfriend tells TODAY’S TMJ4 that he had not been acting normal since the weekend, and she believes someone put something in his drink.

All of the officers who were injured are out of the hospital.