Eagle Police: Stay inside during search for 'armed and dangerous man'

Posted at 6:33 PM, Jun 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-06 13:22:29-04

UPDATE: The Palmyra-Eagle Area School district has canceled school Wednesday, June 6 for all schools in their district due to an ongoing search for a man considered to be "armed and dangerous" by law enforcement.

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EAGLE -- A massive search was underway all afternoon Tuesday in the Town of Eagle for a man considered “armed and dangerous.”

They are looking for Jonathan Pogreba, 43. The Waukesha County Sheriff said the darkness Tuesday night has made searching too dangerous for law enforcement fo the search was been called off until Wednesday morning.   

The sheriff said he beat up his wife and fired a shot at a family member before running away. We learned his wife had filed for divorce on Monday. 

The incident took place near Wilton Road and Kettle Moraine Drive (State Road 67). 

At one point they asked people to stay inside and locked their doors, even businesses like MP Taqueria in downtown Eagle. 

“We kind of locked down for a little bit,” said owner Eduardo Alarcon.

Police searched the downtown gas stations and restaurants, even checking the walk-in freezers.

“They showed the picture of the gentleman and did check my 800 square feet of business,” said Alarcon.

At one point, there was between 80 and 120 officers out on the scene searching along with K9s, drones and Wisconsin State Air Patrol.

Alarcon said it made him nervous for young daughters who he kept with him at business.

While others, even those who lived right by where the incident happened like Robert Hurst are shrugging the whole thing off.

“Police are saying they were on the lookout, searching for somebody considered armed and dangerous,” said Hurst shrugging.

He said he is not concerned.

Authorities say Pogreba is white, about 6 foot tall and 210 pounds, last seen wearing a "dirty" white shirt and blue jeans. 

Police still are asking people to lock their doors and take extra precautions. Also, if anyone spots Pogreba they should dial 911.