Crossing guard's family plans to use his tragedy for good after suspect sentenced

Posted at 4:48 PM, Jun 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-05 19:07:48-04

Tuesday a judge sentenced Terrence Harris to 12 years in prison and six years of extended supervision for a fatal hit and run.  

He pleaded guilty to hitting 71-year-old Andrew Tyler.  The crossing guard was walking to work near Kluge Elementary in November when he was struck.  He later died from his injuries.  

The victim's family said the punishment isn't enough.

"This ending is just it's just really sad.  He got time, but there's nothing that can replace life," said Karin Tyler, victim's daughter. 

The driver's attorney said his client is sorry for what happened.  

"I honestly believe everything he said. That was his story from the very beginning is that to me is that he felt bad.  He felt remorseful and he genuinely wanted to accept responsibility," said Christopher Carson, Harris's attorney.

Loved ones said the sentencing doesn't bring closure, but they're glad it's over.

"I hope it's enough time for him to be able to think about his actions and what he's done," said Symona Gregory, victim's granddaughter.

"Although that's not a man you may know that's still a human being yah know," said Amira Randolph, granddaughter.

The family plans to use this tragedy to remind drivers what's at stake.

"It's like we're seeing the summer months and we're seeing the traffic already get real dangerous in the city of Milwaukee.  And we just hope that we can do whatever we can do to advocate for safety," said Tyler.

Harris's attorney said his client plans to appeal the sentencing.