Crews have two days left to prepare for the 50th Summerfest

Posted at 5:17 PM, Jun 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-26 19:15:56-04

Crews are busy preparing for opening day of the 50th Summerfest later this week.

On Monday, with less than 48-hours to go to the start of the Big Gig, every second counts when it comes to getting ready for an event this enormous.

It appears to be a labor of love even for those who do the heavy lifting, like Sysco delivery driver, Matt Wojtowicz, who has been working the Summerfest run for several years.

“There’s pretty much a system to how it works,” he said. “Start off at the south end, work to the north end, and then work your way back and get off the grounds.”

Meantime, longtime local vendors like Sciortino's Bakery are ramping up production in time for the Big Gig.

“We’re extremely busy. Right now we’re operating 24-7 so we bring in extra staff for the summer to just help keep up with production and keep up with demand so we get pretty busy,” said Sciortino’s owner Joe Vella.

Summerfest beer distribution worker Daniel Cupertino has started moving barrels like a lumberjack, rolling them by foot.  It’s a spectacle to admire which he thought would spice things up a bit. 

“I’ve been down here 10 years now doing beer so figured I needed to have some fun on the job, might as well figure out a new way to move beer around,” he said.