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Concordia baseball team helps fan realize his dream

Posted at 10:34 PM, May 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-10 23:34:16-04

Concordia University has given a young man a chance to live his dream to play on the baseball team, right before he graduates.

Mattie Van Eerden is the Concordia baseball team’s toughest critic and their biggest fan. 

“I love that all the baseball players are my friends,” he said.

“You cannot stop smiling when you're around Matt. He is a very outgoing guy,” said Parker Rome.

Van Eerden is just one of the guys, complete with his own uniform. It’s an opportunity through a joint program between Concordia and Bethesda College. It gives special needs students a chance to realize their dream of living the college life. 

He got his tryout last fall and earned his spot in the dugout. After two seasons, he’s ready to move on. Van Eerden graduates next week. 

"You know the players have given him you know an experience that will last him a lifetime,” said assistant coach Vel Keiper. “And the fact you know what I think, it's given the players, our own players something that's going to last them a lifetime too.”

“I’m going to miss the most about them they hit home runs for me,” Van Eerden said. “Because I love home runs.”