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Community rallies for Plymouth man who lost home in fire nearly a year ago

Posted at 6:11 PM, Dec 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-05 19:40:35-05

PLYMOUTH — People living in Plymouth are rallying behind one of their own after learning a man may have to leave his property.

Allan Hallisch’s mobile home burned down in February after an electrical fire. He barely escaped with his dog, Coolow.

“I opened my eyes and said to him, ‘What are you barking at then I saw all of this smoke pouring out of his room,” Hallisch said.

For months, Hallisch has relentlessly worked to burn debris to make space for what he hopes will be a new home for him and Coolow.

“I constantly smell fire and I can’t get away from it,” Hallisch said when asked about the tiresome work.

TODAY’S TMJ4 sat with Hallisch inside his shed, which became his new home after his trailer burned.

Sheboygan County said he could soon have to leave his temporary home, but help is available.

According to the county, Allen’s shed will need proper septic work done for running water. The land itself would need to be assessed as well because it sits on land inside a Type A floodplain.

“It all depends on that study. You can’t comment on whether or not he will be able to build until that study is complete,” said Aaron Brault, Planning and Conservation for Sheboygan County.

“Hopefully, there’s more people that comes out and at least gives him the stuff he needs or a little help cleaning up,” said Nathan Bogenschuetz, a resident of the area.

A GoFundMe for Hallisch raised over $10,000 to help him get what he needs for his property; a used trailer with running water and bathroom facilities.

“I’ve been working since March. It’s December. I need a rest,” Hallisch said.

Hallisch said he has plans to replace the mobile home and once he’s back up to code, he wants to have a party for everyone who helped along the way.