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Burlington school board declines comment after former teacher's aid charged with sexually assaulting students

Posted at 10:17 PM, Apr 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-28 23:17:13-04

BURLINGTON, Wis. — The Burlington Area school board sat down in an emergency meeting Thursday following sexual assault allegations against a former teacher's aid at Dyer Elementary.

Police have charged Daniel Powers, the former teacher's aide at Dyer Elementary with sexually assaulting three 10-year-old students.

District board president, Peter Turke, was tight-lipped after a nearly three hour closed-door meeting.

"No comment on personal matters," said Turke.


The Sheriff's department confirmed they are working on multiple reports from at least 15 different children.

"I have been doing this for a very long time, I have to believe there are more," said Christopher Schmaling, Racine County Sheriff.

According to a letter sent out to parents, the district shared they first received information regarding a staff member making students uncomfortable on April 13.

Daniel Powers
Daniel Powers

"The district office received information on April 13, 2022, regarding a staff member making students uncomfortable," the letter read. "That day, the Burlington Area School District placed the staff member on leave pending the outcome of an investigation. Following protocol, the district worked with the Burlington Police Department, which had independently received the same complaint."

Daniel Powers had been working within the Burlington Area School District for 15 years and some parents and former students fear he might have assaulted more victims before the district was aware of the most recent accusations.

"The question comes down to when it was reported," said Schmaling.

One mother we spoke to raised concerns to the school's principal in February that her 9-year-old daughter was spoken to inappropriately by Powers.

"He assured me I had nothing to worry about, that he had worked for the school system for 15 odd years and he was not like that and would never say anything," said Kaitlynn Ropp.

Now Daniel Powers has been booked into jail under felony charges.

"I do have concerns about the timeline, I am working closely w the school board, and our investigative team as well to establish what went wrong if anything. At the end of the day, I fully believe in complete transparency all the cards will be on the table and those who are responsible will be held accountable," said Schmaling.

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