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Black Husky Brewing making beer using spruce from City of Milwaukee Christmas tree

"If we all do these small things, it becomes a big deal,"
Posted at 5:27 AM, Dec 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-07 08:02:08-05

MILWAUKEE — Since 2016, Black Husky Brewery has served unique beers in the Riverwest Neighborhood.

Tim Eichinger, the co-owner, said it started as a passion project in 2010 after his wife Toni purchased a craft beer kit for him.

"We really have enjoyed the experience and people we have met," said Tim.

Since then, he has worked on perfecting his craft combining the love for the outdoors with the love for the taste of beer. This year he is combining those two unlike before with their latest beer release, "Tree Sproose," made with the spruce from the City of Milwaukee Christmas tree.

"I looked at the tree and I said 'I think that’s a spruce tree, and I wonder if I could get a couple of branches of that,'" said Tim.

This is the second year the brewery has partnered with the city of Milwaukee to make beer from its annual tree. This year's tree was donated by Katie Major and Mike Connell.

According to the brewery, Mike proposed to Katie on Christmas Day 2020. Katie’s grandfather suggested they donate the tree to be part of this Milwaukee tradition. The couple and members of the DPW Forestry Services were invited to take part in bottling the beer. Tim said it's become a personal and fun experience.

"This tradition has now developed where the family now comes out and helps bottle, and the forestry department comes out as well," said Tim.

Each can of beer not only provides happiness to beer lovers but also supports the Milwaukee Urban Forestry Fund, which supports tree planting projects across the city at schools, local parks and green spaces and in neighborhoods and commercial districts.

Tim said making sure the beer gives back to nature and the city was important to him.

"You’re trying to give back and it’s a season of giving. It may seem like a small thing, but if we all do these small things, it becomes a big deal," said Tim.

The 9.9% beer is sold at their location at 909 E. Locust St. in Milwaukee.

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