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Allies look on, join as protesters march throughout suburban municipalities

Protests continued in Wauwatosa, Washington Heights neighborhoods
Posted at 10:35 PM, Jun 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-13 23:37:28-04

MILWAUKEE COUNTY — After more than two weeks of protests of protesting calling for justice in Milwaukee County, protesters hit the streets once again on Saturday.

On day 16 of protests, marchers in different groups received support for allies and residents in many Milwaukee-area communities.

The march for black lives poured into streets in predominately white communities and a number of residents came out to support with signs, fists, even joining those marching.

From atop bridges and down streets, the groups made their way through the Washington Heights neighborhood in Milwaukee, through Wauwatosa’s downtown and Highlands areas onto the roads that border Mayfair Mall.

“This is one of the world’s largest civil rights movements we have ever seen. It’s incredible to see this kind of energy and movement,” said Julie Gostisha, a Milwaukee resident who watched.

Heidi Shertz, a neighbor, agreed.

“It’s about time we had support from everybody,” Shertz said.

On Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Milwaukee, a group of senior citizen protesters gathered to sit-in, supporting the cause.

“We might not be able to run as fast or move as fast, but we can do what we need to do,” Sharon McKinney said.

In ‘Tosa’s Highlands neighborhood, chants of “walk with us” turned into “get your shoes” as Cristin Bock and her daughter Louisa were encouraged to join the marching.

“I did come out barefoot, but it’s not hard to find a shoe,” Cristin Bock said. “When the momentum is with the people, you’re a fool to let it go past you.”

As the movement pushing for civil rights continues in the wake of the George Floyd homicide, Cristin Bock said it’s important protesters and people of color have as many allies as possible.

“It matters today. This week. This month. It matters this year,” she said.

Organizers TMJ4 News spoke with said their main goal is making sure the message is heard peacefully every night.

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